Aspen Music Festival And School


Can you recommend a hotel or restaurant for me while I'm in Aspen? What else can I do during my visit?
The Aspen area features a huge variety of lodges and restaurants for every taste and budget. The Aspen Chamber Resort Association (800-26-ASPEN or and Snowmass Village Resort Association (800-598-2004 or can help you with specific information. Also, please especially check out our Local Community Partners. As they support us, we hope you will support them.

Can I purchase a recording of the concert I just heard?
Unfortunately, no. Though the Festival records all concerts for archival purposes, we are not able to sell these recordings to the public. However, the recordings are available at the Pitkin County Library for your listening pleasure (recordings can be enjoyed at the library's listening stations only and do not circulate—simply search the library catalog to find recorded performances).

What should I wear to a concert in the winter?
The atmosphere in Aspen is casual, including at concerts at Harris Hall. Patrons wear anything from jeans and boots to cocktail dresses and sport coats. Please just do be aware that the paths and parking lots can be icy and snowy and you should wear appropriate footwear for the weather.

What should I wear to a concert in the summer?
The atmosphere in Aspen is particularly casual in the summer, and all dress is acceptable at all venues. Some will come dressed elegantly for a night out on the town; others will dash in in sneakers and shorts having just returned from a hike. The only "rule" at a Tent concert is to be comfortable. Evenings cool off considerably in the mountains and patrons should always bring a sweater or light jacket when attending evening events. If it has rained earlier in the day, you may want something heavier to keep warm.

Can I purchase AMFS merchandise before the Festival begins or after it is over?
Season posters (available for most years 1980-current) are for sale by clicking here. Please note: We do not have any of the Piano-on-Skis posters available.

How can I experience the Festival on a budget?
A full twenty-five percent of Festival events are free and are marked as such on our season calendar. Please enjoy these events anytime. In addition, many more free master classes and student concerts are scheduled weekly and are listed on our "Festival Focus" publication, which is distributed every Monday in the Aspen Times and can be found at all Festival locations and other hotels and shops around town. Concerts at the Benedict Music Tent can always be experienced inexpensively at the open dress rehearsals or for free by sitting on the David Karetsky Music Lawn or in The Music Garden located just outside the Tent.

How can I receive the print version of the AMFS season calendar?
Simply fill out our Request Form located HERE.

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO