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Moments of Musical Revelation Podcasts

Created for the Aspen Music Festival and School: Those sudden moments that musicians experience that instantly change their perceptions of what a life in music is, or should be, or could be. Hosted by writer, classical music consultant and former Gramophone magazine Editor James Inverne and featuring some of Aspen's most celebrated artists and teachers.

Podcast details

1: Stefan Jackiw, 'Write it down!'

Young violinist Stefan Jackiw recalls his first meeting with Aspen's legendary teacher Dorothy DeLay - and a very unusual assignment.

2: Sarah Chang, ‘Bit Part, Big Night’

Star violinist Sarah Chang reveals two formative experiences at Aspen, both dramatic. One saw the famous musician out of the spotlight, the other - right in the spotlight, when she discovered it's not always an easy place to be!

3: Simone Porter, 'Party!'

One of Aspen's fastest-rising young violinists, Simone Porter talks about her impactful discovery of a little-known Aspen sub-culture - sight-reading parties!

4: Lynn Harrell, 'My father's son'

As a young boy in Aspen, leading cellist Lynn Harrell came face to face with a singer whose performance changed his life - his own father.


5: Sylvia Rosenberg, 'Piacevole’

The great violin teacher Sylvia Rosenberg on a revealing encounter with a student, and worlds beyond a word.

6: Gil Shaham, 'Known unknowns'

Gil Shaham, one of today's celebrated violinists - and an Aspen regular - recalls two life-affecting encounters with violin concertos that offer disturbing glimpses into the troubled 1930's. Last episode in the series.
Music provided courtesy of Canary Classics.

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