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The Concerto: Why Is It So Irresistible?

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Presented in association with The Aspen Institute

Paepcke Auditorium
1:00 PM

The July 20 half-day seminar is free and open to the public. To receive material and musical samples before the event, register HERE.

The 2017 AMFS season celebrates “The Year of the Concerto,” a major exploration of the concerto form, pivoting around no fewer than four brand new or modern concertos. As part of this exploration, AMFS President and CEO Alan Fletcher leads this seminar with august and accomplished composers on why this form still endures and enchants centuries after its rise. Questions addressed will include: Why do concertos work? Why have they endured through the centuries? And why do they captivate so many audiences? Join us in this opportunity to demystify the genesis, musical approach, compositional voice, and challenges of constructing and performing these classic works. 

Continue your own enrichment about the concerto form in Aspen this summer with four brand new or modern concertos — Anna Clyne’s “The Seamstress” (July 19), a violin concerto written for and performed by Jennifer Koh; Jonathan Leshnoff’s Violin Concerto (July 21); Alan Fletcher’s Piano Concerto written for and performed by Inon Barnatan (world premiere, July 30); and Matthew Ricketts’s Piano Concerto (world premiere, August 9) — as well as in older repertoire on most Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday orchestral concerts.


Alan Fletcher

Stephen Hartke

Jonathan Leshnoff

Andrew Norman

Christopher Theofanidis

Robert Spano

Anders Hillborg   


Reading and Listening Materials 

Alan Fletcher:
Listen to the Clarinet Concerto - I. Allegro
Listen to the Clarinet Concerto - II. Andante teneramente
Listen to the Clarinet Concerto - III. Presto
Read the program note for the Clarinet Concerto

Andrew Norman:
Switch for percussion and orchestra Video

Christopher Theofanidis:
Listen to the Bassoon Concerto: I. alone, inward
Listen to the Bassoon Concerto: II. beautiful
Listen to the Bassoon Concerto: III. threatening, fast
Read the program note for the Bassoon Concerto 

Anders Hillborg:
Listen to the Clarinet Concerto (Peacock Tales) - Requires free account on Spotify
Read the program note for the Clarinet Concerto  - Click on "Concertos" on the menu directly below the photo on this page, and click on "program note" in the box for the Clarinet Concerto (Peacock Tales).

Also listen to Hartke and Leshnoff works and read notes by clicking the icons in the table, below:


HARTKE-Clarinet Concerto -Landscape with Blues - Senegambia
HARTKE-Clarinet Concerto -Landscape with Blues - Delta Nights
HARTKE-Clarinet Concerto -Landscape with Blues -Philamayork
Leshnoff - Chamber Concerto

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO