Aspen Music Festival And School

The Science of Music: Music and Memory

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With special thanks to Michael Klein and Joan Fabry

Aspen Community Church
5:00 PM

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This summer, the Aspen Science Center and the Aspen Music Festival and School bring back the popular Science of Music series of lectures and demonstrations aimed at the "enthusiastic novice." No previous knowledge of physics or music theory is needed to enjoy these explorations.

Researchers believe that the area of the brain that processes music is closely related to the area that stores memories, which is why hearing a certain song can instantly remind you of past events, locations, people, and even emotions. This event consists of a performance of Bruce Adolphe’s Musics of Memory, followed by a discussion of the work, as well as other aspects of music and memory, by Adolphe and neuroscientist Assal Habibi. The piece is scored for four instruments—piano, guitar, marimba, and harp—to fully represent different parts of the same music.

This event is moderated by AMFS President and CEO Alan Fletcher.

Note: AMFS passes can not be used for this collaboration with the Aspen Science Center.

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Tickets will remain on hold for 30 minutes.

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO