Aspen Music Festival And School


“Aspen will forever be a part of my personal and professional life. The opportunity to perform in the welcoming environment of the Festival and School at an early age made a lasting impression on this fiddler.”
Itzhak Perlman, violinist

“What makes Aspen unique in my mind is its spiritual warmth. It is a place where professionals and students join together as true comrades-in-arms”
Christopher Rouse

In many ways, the Aspen Music Festival is the Cadillac of summer classical music fests, in terms of its unparalleled roster of guest musicians and its extensive student training program.”
Tom Huizenga,, from "10 Can’t-Miss Classical Music Festivals"

“If Mount Olympus is the mythical abode of the Grecian gods, Aspen is surely the classical music world’s summer home equivalent.”
Julie Comins, Aspen Sojourner Magazine

“At the Aspen Music Festival and School, routine is so rich and varied that it is generally a good thing….But in its 56th season, the festival still seems determined to break new ground as well.”
James Oestreich, New York Times

“[The AMFS] is pure heaven, frankly. It’s just this incredible scene, where you can sit outside on the Lawn and listen for free, or go into the Tent to hear these internationally renowned musicians, or any one of the many students. . . .It is one of the top festivals in the world.”
Monika Vischer, Colorado Public Radio

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO