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Maroon Bel Canto Children’s Chorus

Sing with students from all over the Valley in a classic children's choir.

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Program Information – Information for the 2018-19 school year will be available in late August 2018

The Aspen Music Festival and School is pleased to once again bring the Maroon Bel Canto Children's Chorus into local schools this school year. Maroon Bel Canto Children’s Chorus (MBCCC) gives students in grades 4 through 8 the chance to participate in a traditional youth choir (mature, responsible 3rd graders accepted with director recommendation and based on space availability in the ensemble). MBCCC offers an after-school or in-school choral experience to elementary and middle school students in their own communities as well as in a Valley-wide large ensemble setting. 


The Maroon Bel Canto Children’s Chorus program is offered in ten schools during the 2017-2018 school year: Aspen Community School, Aspen Middle School, Basalt Middle School, Crystal River Elementary School, Glenwood Springs Elementary School, Glenwood Springs Middle School, Riverview School, Sopris Elementary School, and St. Stephen Catholic School. Aspen Country Day School will offer MBCCC during the school day. 

All Roaring Fork Valley students (regardless of what school they attend during the school year) are welcome to sing in an MBCCC ensemble at any participating school.

Aspen Community School

ACS Rehearsal Schedule

  • Thursdays, starting October 12
  • 3:10-4:20 pm
  • Directed by Veronica Hudak

Aspen Middle School

AMS Rehearsal Schedule

  • Mondays, starting October 9
  • 3:30-4:40 pm
  • Directed by Kyle Jones

Basalt Middle School

BMS Rehearsal Schedule

  • Mondays, starting October 9
  • 3:35-4:45 pm
  • Directed by Brittany von Stein

Crystal River Elementary School

CRES Rehearsal Schedule

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays (commit to one day, or attend both), starting October 10/12
  • 3:20-4:30 pm
  • Directed by Linda Silloway

Glenwood Springs Elementary School

GSES Rehearsal Schedule

  • Thursdays, starting October 12
  • 3:45-4:55 pm
  • Directed by Emma Leake

Glenwood Springs Middle School

GSMS Rehearsal Schedule

  • Tuesdays, starting October 10
  • 3:45-4:55 pm
  • Directed by Shanti Gruber

Riverview School

RS Rehearsal Schedule

  • Mondays, starting October 9
  • 3:35-4:45 pm
  • Directed by Melinda Baum

Sopris Elementary School

SES Rehearsal Schedule

  • Mondays, starting October 9
  • 3:35-4:45 pm
  • Directed by David Parker

St. Stephen Catholic School

SSCS Rehearsal Schedule

  • Fridays, starting October 13
  • October-November 2:40-3:50 pm; December-April 3:30-4:40 pm
  • Directed by Tammy Kenning

Mass Rehearsals and Performances

A pillar of the MBCCC program is the opportunity for students from all participating schools to come together and sing as a mass choir four times per school year. Students rehearse weekly with their own school’s Maroon Bel Canto ensemble and then convene as a full choir four times over the course of the school year to rehearse with a group of 100-plus students. Large ensemble rehearsals, led by conductors and MBCCC co-founders Katie Hone Wiltgen and Kathryn Sansone with assistant conductor Sue Wasienko, take place at Harris Concert Hall on four Wednesday afternoons (approved by participating schools). The AMFS provides bus transportation to participating mid- and downvalley schools, as well as snacks at each of the four mass rehearsals. Two of the mass rehearsals (rehearsals numbers 2 and 4) are followed immediately by MBCCC performances in Harris Concert Hall. 

Transportation to and from Aspen is provided for students participating in Maroon Bel Canto Children’s Chorus programs from BMS, CRES, GSES, GSMS, SES, Riverview, SES, and SSCS on both the first and third MBCCC mass rehearsal days (Wednesday, November 8, and Wednesday, March 7).

Only transportation to Aspen is provided on the second and fourth MBCCC mass rehearsal days (Wednesday, January 17, and Wednesday, April 25), as 6:30 pm concerts in Harris Concert Hall follow both of these mass rehearsals. Parents: You will drive your singer home after the concert. If you do not plan to attend the concert, please make carpool arrangements for your child with the parents of other singers prior to the concert day. 

Bus pick-up/drop-off times for each school will be posted here before the mass rehearsals. 

The four mass rehearsals will be held in Harris Concert Hall on the following dates:

  • Mass Rehearsal #1: Wednesday, November 8
  • Mass Rehearsal #2 and First Concert: Wednesday, January 17. 6:30 pm. Concert is free and open to the public.
  • Mass Rehearsal #3: Wednesday, March 7
  • Mass Rehearsal #4 and Second Concert: Wednesday, April 25. 6:30 pm. Concert is free and open to the public.

Mass Rehearsal Bus Schedule 

After-School Program Cost: $180

Cost includes 20-plus weeks of rehearsals, two concerts at Harris Concert Hall, four large ensemble rehearsals at Harris Concert Hall, snacks during the large ensemble rehearsals, dinner before both concerts, bus transportation (for mid- and downvalley students), a music binder, all music, an MBCCC uniform polo shirt and pencil.

This program is heavily subsidized by the AMFS and generous donors, and the actual program cost is more than $400 per student.

Please note that this is a 20-plus-week program and that students should commit to the entire series of rehearsals and performances. Obviously, some conflicts could arise, but in order for students to be a contributing member of a choral ensemble, they need to be in rehearsal as much as possible. If space allows at a particular school, mid-year enrollment will be permitted; the tuition amount remains the same.

The AfterWorks Refund Policy is as follows: Once a student has applied and paid the tuition for an AfterWorks program (Beginning Strings, Lead Guitar, or Maroon Bel Canto Children’s Chorus), the following policy will apply to tuition refunds if that students chooses to leave the AfterWorks program:

  • Before first class/rehearsal: full tuition refund
  • Between first and third class/rehearsal: half tuition refund
  • After third class/rehearsal: no refund

Late Registration Fee: $50

Students who complete the MBCCC application form after 5 pm on Friday, October 6 will be assessed a Late Registration Fee of $50 to cover late application processing and ordering of additional student supplies. 


No tuition scholarships remain as of October 3, 2017.  Tuition scholarships are awarded on a rolling application basis, and all scholarships have now been allocated. 

Payment plans for MBCCC tuition are available, if necessary, and can be requested during the application process by opting to receive scholarship information.

How to Register

Registration for Maroon Bel Canto Children’s Chorus is now closed for the first semester.  If you would like to participate in the second semester of programming, registration will open on Thursday, January 4th.  Please join us for the first Maroon Bel Canto Children’s Chorus performance of the school year on Wednesday, January 17th in Harris Concert Hall.

About AfterWorks

The Aspen Music Festival and School's AfterWorks program offers after-school, in-school, and summer programming in collaboration with Valley schools to support music education. These programs are designed to complement the quality music instruction students receive from schools and private instructors.

To learn more, please contact:
Katie Hone Wiltgen
Director of Education and Community Programming
970 205 5055

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO