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Chamber music has an important presence at the Aspen Music Festival and School, with three resident string quartets (Pacifica Quartet, American String Quartet, and Escher String Quartet), a resident brass quintet (American Brass Quintet), as well as chamber music experts of the artist-faculty.

Students have the option to audition for chamber music at the time of their orchestra seating audition, except in the case of woodwinds where a separate time will be reserved just for chamber music auditions. Students will complete a pre-season survey about their expectations for the chamber music experience, including repertoire preferences. Efforts will be made to accommodate requests but without guarantee. Preformed ensembles are strongly encouraged. Also, several violas are available for loan (no charge) to violinists interested in playing viola for chamber music.

Accepted individuals will be placed in ensembles and assigned a special project. Intensive coaching and rehearsals will ensue in preparation for a spotlight performance. Assignments are project-based. Students may work intensively for two- to three- weeks or may work the entire session, depending on difficulty of the repertoire.

Note that organized chamber music is not available for half sesson attendees. Half session students and full session students not placed in an ensemble are encouraged to form ad hoc groups, as desired. The chamber music department will assist with assigning a coach as well as a performance opportunity, to the extent possible.

Students under age eighteen should consult with their private teachers to make sure they have the maturity to handle the commitment to others in their ensemble. It may be recommended that younger or less-experienced players focus on private study or specially-designed and limited exposure to chamber music.

Placement in chamber music is not guaranteed for any student. Once assigned to an ensemble, group members are expected to remain committed to their rehearsals and coaching for the duration of their session at the AMFS. Students of all ages are welcome to audition for the Aspen Chamber Music program upon arrival at Aspen. Students under age eighteen should consult with their private teachers before auditioning. It may be recommended that younger or less-experienced players focus on private study or specially-designed and limited exposure to chamber music.

Chamber Music Coaches

Darrett Adkins, cello Nancy Allen, harp Renata Arado, violin
Nadine Asin, flute Daniel Avshalomov, viola Adam Barnett-Hart, violin
Fabio Bidini, piano Per Brevig, trombone Laurie Carney, violin
Hung-Kuan Chen, piano Kevin Cobb, trumpet Elaine Douvas, oboe
James Dunham, viola Simin Ganatra, violin Nancy Goeres, bassoon
Jonathan Haas, percussion Robert Hanford, violin Per Hannevold, bassoon
Louis Hanzlik, trumpet Austin Hartman, violin Cornelia Heard, violin
Alex Kerr, violin Eric Kim, cello Wolfram Koessel, cello
Pierre Lapointe, viola Anneleen Lenaerts, harp Espen Lilleslåtten, violin
Mingjia Liu, oboe Julian Martin, piano Raymond Mase, trumpet
Robert McDuffie, violin Demarre McGill, flute Michael Mermagen, cello
Anton Nel, piano Michael Powell, trombone Eric Reed, horn
John Rojak, bass trombone Sylvia Rosenberg, violin Michael Rusinek, clarinet
Ann Schein, piano Rita Sloan, piano Brook Speltz, cello
Sabina Thatcher, viola Danbi Um, violin Joaquin Valdepeñas, clarinet
Brandon Vamos, cello Bing Wang, violin Virginia Weckstrom, piano
Donald Weilerstein, violin Vivian Hornik Weilerstein, piano Peter Winograd, violin
Stephen Wyrczynski, viola John Zirbel, horn  


Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO