Aspen Music Festival And School

Chamber Music Studies

Brass Quintet Studies

An eight-week program offered to a pre-formed brass quintet. Members receive coachings and lessons from the American Brass Quintet and participate in orchestra simultaneously. Tuition and room/board provided.

Center for Advanced Quartet Studies

A six-week training program for emerging string quartets led by members of today’s preeminent ensembles and chamber music pedagogues: Pacifica Quartet, Takács Quartet, American String Quartet, James Dunham (former violist of the Cleveland Quartet), Sylvia Rosenberg, and Donald Weilerstein (former first violinist of the Cleveland Quartet). Open to pre-existing ensembles. Tuition and room/board provided.

Aspen Chamber Music

All students may audition for the Aspen Chamber Music program upon arrival in Aspen in order to receive intensive coaching and performance opportunities that supplement the orchestral and instrumental programs. Pre-formed groups are strongly encouraged to audition together.

Finckel-Wu Han Chamber Music Studio

Offered in Half Session I
An intensive, two-week chamber music workshop under the artistic direction of David Finckel and Wu Han. Students participate in orchestra simultaneously. Apply individually through the Orchestra/Instrumental programs.

Weilerstein Piano and Strings Chamber Music Workshop

Offered in Half Session II
A select number of piano trios and piano quartets participating in the Aspen Chamber Music program or the Finckel-Wu Han Chamber Music Studio will be invited to receive coachings and master class study with Donald and Vivian Hornik Weilerstein in the Second Session. Students participate in orchestra simultaneously. Full Session participation in chamber music studies is required.

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO