Aspen Music Festival And School

Underwrite Festival Programming



The Aspen Music Festival and School takes pride in our efforts to challenge our students, artist-faculty, and audiences with cutting-edge programming. Join us in building our legacy of delivering content at the forefront of the classical world, maintaining professional artistic standards, and offering the best programs to our students who will become tomorrow’s great musicians.

Music Director's Chair

The Music Director sets the Festival and School's artistic standards, participates in determining its vision and direction, and is a leader in the international world of music. This position is our premier naming opportunity, with recognition offered throughout the summer season.

Name and endow the Music Director’s Chair $10,000,000


Music Director's Fund for Special Programming

Your gift would allow the AMFS to stay at the forefront of the classical world and offer our students a true learning challenge. With this fund, our Music Director can plan ambitious, adventurous programming beyond the usual scope of the Festival's offerings. This could include commissions, collaborative, and mixed media presentations.

Endow the Music Director’s Fund for Programming $2,000,000


President's Fund for Special Projects

This gift would endow a permanent fund that will provide flexible funds for the AMFS President and CEO to plan and present thought-provoking programming and innovative projects in perpetuity.

Endow the President’s Fund for Programming $2,000,000


Commissioning tomorrow's repertoire

Establish a legacy of new music that will become part of the Classical Music canon in perpetuity. Your gift would allow us to focus on new music and living composers, and show a strong commitment to the presentation of new works.

Fund for Orchestral Commissioning $750,000
Fund for Operatic Commissioning (Premiere every 5 years) $750,000
Fund for Chamber Music Commissioning $250,000


Choral Concert Fund

Every summer, the Festival and School presents a large orchestral and choral concert that truly astounds and inspires our audience, students, and performers. Endow this tradition in perpetuity by underwriting the extraordinary expenses involved with these large-scale performances. 

Endow the Choral Concert Fund $2,000,000





For more information on the campaign and how you can contribute, please contact:
Alexander Brose
Vice President for Development
970 205 5060

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO