Aspen Music Festival And School

2020 Pass Promotion

Upgrade Your Pass, or Try a Pass for the First Time, at $100 Off


Experience the most music and flexibility with passes that offers unlimited access to all regular events. Pay one price and then go to any of the regular concerts presented daily all summer. Take in more of what you love--no need to choose, enjoy it all. 

Try a Gold, Full, or Select Season Pass for the first time, or upgrade from the pass you have been purchasing up to a Gold, Full, or Select Pass, and get $100 off. See details below.*

Please note: Passes cannot be purchased online. To purchase, please call the box office.


* Applies only to Gold, Full, and Select Season Passes when buying a pass for the first time or upgrading from a lower pass level of Full, Select, and Locals. Promotion does not apply to first-time purchase or upgrading to Locals Passes, Youth Passes, or complimentary passes of any kind. Does not apply to upgrading from Kickoff Passes, Youth Passes, or complimentary passes. 


Gold Season Pass ($1,250) ($1,150 WITH PROMOTION)

THE ULTIMATE IN CONVENIENCE! Reserve your seats by phone the day of the event. For the frequent attendee who values the convenience of calling ahead and wishes to be able to choose from a wide menu of concerts.

Full Season Pass ($935) ($835 WITH PROMOTION)

THE FESTIVAL FOR YOU! If you’d like to attend more than a dozen concert this summer, this pass saves you a ton, plus gives you the fun of dropping in on a variety of events to sample and experiment. Obtain your free ticket in person the day of the event.

Select Season Pass ($425) ($325 WITH PROMOTION)

THE ULTIMATE BARGAIN FOR MUSIC LOVERS! Full event access except Friday evening and Sunday afternoon performances. Obtain your free ticket in person the day of the event. 


Note: All passes offer free access to tickets to regularly scheduled events on the day of the event. You can choose and guarantee your seats ahead of concert day for just $15. Admission to events is subject to availability. If purchased by phone, passes must be picked up in person at the box office.

All of the above passes are not valid for: July 28 Special Event with Members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and AMFS Artist-Faculty; August 3 Special Event: The Sound of Music: In Concert; August 12 Special Event with The Zukerman Trio; August 22 Special Event with Vladimir Feltsman; July 18 Special Event Opera Theater Master Classes; July 25 Special Event Master Class with Renee Fleming;  July 30, August 6 and 13 Special Events Science of Music lectures; July 20 Opera Gala and Special Event I'm in the Mood for Love; August 10 Feast of Music Benefit; August 20 and 22 Mozart’s The Magic Flute, any house music or artist dinner.

Promo must be given at time of pass purchase.  No refunds will be given to full-price passes or tickets after the time of purchase.

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO