Aspen Music Festival And School

2021 Inclusive Programming

An important outcome of the AMFS diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work is a strengthened commitment is to showcasing voices of the traditionally underrepresented, whether performers or composers. The AMFS Artistic Team has been engaged in researching works of art by AMELIA (African, Middle Eastern, Latin, Indigenous, and Asian) composers for more than three years. This has resulted in a curated repertoire list of orchestral, chamber, contemporary, and vocal works to be put to sustained use in future seasons. The team has also continued its efforts to reach out to AMELIA composers and performing artists who are both alumni and new to the Aspen family.

This work will lead to several debuts this summer, with more in future seasons.

The 2021 Season will begin offering these works to Aspen audiences, with 75 percent of our major performances highlighting them. We hope you will make the most of this opportunity to expand your musical horizons—we cherish this opportunity to continue to learn and grow alongside our beloved Aspen community. 


Aspen Chamber Symphony

PERRY: A Short Piece for Small Orchestra, July 2
BOLOGNE: Overture to L’amant anonyme, op. 11 no. 2, July 9
MICHAEL ABELS: Delights and Dances, July 16 
CLARICE ASSAD: Sin Fronteras,  August 6 


Aspen Festival Orchestra 

HANNAH KENDALL: The Spark Catchers, July 11 
DAWSON: Negro Folk Symphony, July 18
GABRIELA LENA FRANK: Concertino Cusqueño, July 25 
JESSIE MONTGOMERY: Coincident Dances, August 8 


Aspen Contemporary Ensemble

INTI FIGGIS-VIZUETA: Openwork, knotted object, July 1
WILSON: A City Called Heaven, July 8
LEI LIANG: Aural Hypothesis, July 15
ELEANOR ALBERGA: on a bat's back I do fly, July 22 
DU YUN: Oksoko, July 29 
GABRIELA LENA FRANK: Tres Homenajes: Compadrazgo, August 14
ROBERTO SIERRA: Cancionero Sefardí, Chamber Music, August 14
GEORGE LEWIS: Mnemosis, Chamber Music, August 21 



TEBOGO MONNAKGOTLA: Timecraft, Marina Piccinini, July 7
PRICE: String Quartet No. 1 in G major, Pacfica Quartet, July 8 
EVAN WILLIAMS: Lux Aeterna, American Brass Quintet, July 21 
WALKER: Music for Brass (Sacred and Profane), American Brass Quintet, July 21 
PRICE: String Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Escher Quartet, July 22 
OCTAVIO VAZQUEZ: Piano Quintet (World Premiere), American String Quartet, July 28 
VILLA-LOBOS: from 12 Etudes, Sharon Isbin, August 5 
LEO BROUWER: La Espiral Eterna, Sharon Isbin, August 5 
GRENET/LEO BROUWER: Cancíon de Cuna, Sharon Isbin, August 5 
LAURO: Vals Venezolano No. 3, "Natalia", Sharon Isbin, August 5 
MONTAÑA: Porro from Suite Colombiana No. 2, Sharon Isbin, August 5 
BARRIOS MANGORÉ: La catedral, Sharon Isbin, August 5 
BARRIOS MANGORÉ: Julia Florida, Sharon Isbin, August 5 
BARRIOS MANGORÉ: Vals, op. 8, no. 3, Sharon Isbin, August 5 
BARRIOS MANGORÉ: Vals, op. 8, no. 3, Sharon Isbin, August 5 
TIMOTHY ADAMS JR.: Ode to Breonna, Percussion Ensemble, August 11
AYANNA WOODS: Triple Point, Percussion Ensemble, August 11
PERKINSON: Blue/s Forms, Augustin Hadelich, August 18 
PERKINSON:  Louisiana Blues Strut: A Cakewalk, Augustin Hadelich, August 18 
COLERIDGE-TAYLOR: They Will Not Lend Me a Child from 24 Negro Melodies, op. 59, Jeremy Denk, August 19 
WIGGINS: The Battle of Manassas, Jeremy Denk, August 19 
CHAUVIN,  JOPLIN: Heliotrope Bouquet, Jeremy Denk, August 19 


Aspen Conducting Academy Orchestra 

BOLOGNE: Violin Concerto in G major, op. 8, no. 9, Gallia Kastner violin, July 5 


Chamber Music 

BAKER: Sonata for Cello and Piano, Chamber Music, July 10
ARTURO MÁRQUEZ: Zarabandeo, Chamber Music, July 10 
COLERIDGE-TAYLOR: Clarinet Quintet in F-sharp minor, op. 10, Chamber Music, July 17 
GRANT STILL: Suite for Violin and Piano, Chamber Music, August 14 
GABRIELA LENA FRANK: Tres Homenajes: Compadrazgo, Chamber Music, August 14 
MIGUEL DEL ÁGUILA: Wind Quintet No. 2, Chamber Music, August 21 

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO