Aspen Music Festival And School

Help the Festival—Rent to AMFS Faculty or Summer Staff

The AMFS Needs Summer Housing for Faculty and Staff

Support the music and your community!

Thank you for considering renting housing to talented, professional faculty or summer staff at reasonable market rates.

(For information on renting or providing a free room for a deserving student musician, click HERE.)

The AMFS needs hundreds of units to bring music to this community and teach the brightest young musicians of tomorrow. 

Renting to an AMFS faculty or summer staff member is easy and a great way to create income and help keep the music playing in Aspen:

  • No-hassle arrangements with a dedicated AMFS staff member to manage the process
  • Mature, professional tenants who are here to study, work, and perform
  • Easy extra cash without long-term rentals or short-term rental licensing and fees


If you decide to rent to a world-class musician or summer performance technician, AMFS staff will:

  • Match you with a wonderful tenant
  • Walk-through at the beginning and end
  • Are highly responsive if you have any concerns or problems


*APCHA permits subletting for this cause. Call or send an inquiry to learn more.



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The artist-faculty of the AMFS represent the highest echelon of musicians from around the world. 

  • Dates of residency: June 25 - August 22
    • Seeking rentals of any duration during this time period. Full duration, half, or 1-2 weeks
    • First half residency: June 25 - July 25
    • Second half residency: July 25 - August 22
  • Unit Types Needed
    • In Aspen or Snowmass Village
    • From studios to multi-bedroom homes
    • For singles, couples, or families


Seasonal Staff

The AMFS hires a wide array of professional seasonal staff to aid in the production and execution of the Festival, from orchestra managers and piano technicians, to costume designers and music librarians. 

  • Dates: June 1 - August 31
    • Seasonal staff dates may vary slightly, but generally are for entire date range.
    • Some stay for a slightly abbreviated tiem period: June 5 - August 25
  • Unit Types Needed
    • In Aspen or Snowmass Village
    • From studios to multi-bedroom homes
    • We will only place one staff member per bedroom, regardless of how many beds are in the unit.

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO