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The 2022 and 2021 season posters are on sale and can be mailed with an $8 shipping and handling charge. Email

Previous years' posters are also available for sale. Click here to browse posters 1986-2021. 

2022 Season Poster, $15 
SAY MY NAME by Jeffrey Gibson

The 2022 season theme, Tapestries, celebrates the expression of identity through music. This spirit is captured in Jeffrey Gibson’s tapestry, SAY MY NAME. Created using materials from cultures around the world, the tapestry invites us to reflect upon our own identities while we respect the identities of others. This poster in turn acts as a keepsake that recalls a season of music rich with storytelling and self-expression at the Aspen Music Festival and School. Poster is 20" x 37" tall. 

2021 Season Poster, $15 
Ode to Joy by Isa Catto

In celebration of the Aspen Music Festival and School's return to live music, this season's poster design is based on the notes of the "Ode to Joy" from the fourth movement of Beethoven's iconic Ninth Symphony. To create her original watercolor, artist Isa Catto Shaw assigned each note its own color inspired by the colors of Aspen in summer. Green, blue, and brown squares accented with red create a geometric pattern. Let the poster bring you joy and serve as a reminder of the 2021 Festival. Poster is 20" x 38" tall. 

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO