Aspen Music Festival And School

Help the Festival—Rent to or Host AMFS Students

The AMFS Seeks Rooms for Deserving Students


Support a student’s dreams by providing housing free of charge

Some amazing young student musicians aren't able to come study in Aspen without generous gift of free housing for the summer. If you are able to offer a deserving young person a room in your house for the summer, please email Ronte' Hardy, or fill out this inquiry form. A dedicated AMFS staff member will match you with a great fit.

Feel great helping the AMFS and a young person, get to know your student, and enjoy their performances and the music with FREE tickets or passes and invitations to private events.

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Support the music and enjoy a vivacious young tenant this summer!

Thank you for considering renting a room to one of our talented student musicians.

(For information on renting units to faculty or summer staff, click HERE.)

AMFS students represent the most promising young musical talent in the world. In order to study at the AMFS, many need affordable or free rooms in houses.

If you are able to rent space to one of these deserving students, you will: 

  • Get to know an amazing, mature young person
  • Help a young musician and support the AMFS in our community
  • Enjoy a simple and fun rental:
    • Make easy cash from your extra room without a long-term rental or short-term rental licensing and fees
    • June 22 - August 22
  • Experience summer music and see your student perform with complimentary tickets to events


*APCHA permits subletting for this cause. Call or send an inquiry to learn more.

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Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO