Aspen Music Festival And School

Half Session FAQ

The following Aspen Music Festival and School programs are offered for Full Session (eight weeks) only:

Aspen Conducting Academy
American Contemporary Ensemble
Aspen Opera Center
Brass Quintet Studies
Center for Advanced Quartet Studies
Collaborative Piano
Opera Coaching
Susan and Ford Schumann Center for Composition Studies

The following Aspen Music Festival and School programs accept Half Session applicants, however Full Session is strongly encouraged:

Classical Guitar (Half Session II only)
Finckel-Wu Han Chamber Music Studio
Orchestra (Please note: Winds, brass, percussion, and harp students are rarely accepted for Half Session)
Solo Piano

Full Session (eight weeks) attendance is highly encouraged, as Half Session (four weeks) has many limitations. Financial assistance is not available to students electing to attend for only Half Session of a Full Session program. Orchestral assignments are limited for Half Session attendees. Full Session students receive priority in placement for Chamber Music, and Half Session opportunities are limited. Participating students should plan to be in Aspen for the full dates of their session.

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO