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The Aspen Music Festival and School feels that chamber music plays a crucial role in the classical musician’s education. Working intimately in small ensemble strengthens a musician’s ability to collaborate, blend sound, and learn one’s individual role in creating something beautiful.

Aspen students may audition to be placed in an ensemble and assigned to a special project. Students participate in intensive coaching and rehearsals in preparation for a spotlight performance. Groups may work intensively for two- to three- weeks or may work the entire session, depending on complexity of the repertoire. A typical estimation of the commitment might be 16 services (rehearsals and coachings) over a two-week period. Coaches are experts from the AMFS artist-faculty roster. High-level emerging groups may apply for master class opportunities with guest artist chamber music specialists.

Auditions and placement: Full Session students may audition for chamber music and will sign up for an audition upon enrollment. Placement in an ensemble is not guaranteed and late chamber music auditions are not offered. Students who choose to form their own groups are welcome to rehearse at their leisure but will not be assigned coaches and/or performance opportunities. Orchestra students are assigned to ensembles comprised of members from the same orchestra. Students under the age of 18 are assigned with peers of their age and ability. Pianists are assigned according to age and ability as well.

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO