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Important Information
  • Fellowships and scholarships are available to full-session applicants
  • Fellowship applicants will also be considered for scholarship with submission of financial aid form
  • AUDIO audition recordings are required
  • All applicants must upload general audition repertoire
  • Applicants interested in a clarinet fellowship must also submit the E-flat clarinet repertoire
  • Applicants interested in a bass clarinet fellowship must also submit the bass clarinet repertoire
Fees & Deadlines
Deadline: January 2, 2019
Applications will be accepted beginning September 15, 2018

Application Fee

$25 if you apply by October 1, 2018
$60 if you apply between October 2 and December 1, 2018
$125 if you apply between December 2, 2018, and January 2, 2019
2019 Teaching Faculty


Full Session

How to Apply


  • Resume required
  • Two letters of recommendation encouraged but not required

Audition Repertoire

The Aspen Music Festival and School clarinet department will award up to six merit-based fellowships that cover tuition and room/board for the summer season. Four of these fellowships offer the opportunity to play premiere assignments alongside artist-faculty from major U.S. orchestras or as principal in a variety of ensembles. If available, the ACA fellowships (as many as two) come with the opportunity to play for the all-fellowship Aspen Conducting Academy Orchestra. This high-level orchestra is the training ground for the conducting program and offers the opportunity for a student to shine on standard orchestral works. Availability of these fellowships will be posted in early December.

Note: It is expected that all clarinet students will share the B-flat, A, E-flat, and bass clarinet responsibilities/opportunities at Aspen. Please bring these instruments if you have one.

Fellowships are awarded to the most outstanding applicants as deemed by the members of the AMFS Artist-Faculty.
All clarinet applicants must submit the required standard clarinet repertoire. Applicants interested in a clarinet fellowship must also submit the E-flat clarinet repertoire, and applicants interested in a bass clarinet fellowship must also submit the bass clarinet repertoire. Each list must be submitted in a separate track (3 separate tracks, if applying for both fellowships).

This list must be submitted IN THE ORDER LISTED.

  • MOZART: Clarinet Concerto in A major, K. 622 (1st movement exposition)
  • MENDELSSOHN: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Scherzo, beginning to B and D to G)
  • BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 6 (2nd movement, m. 68-78)
  • SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 9 (2nd movement, m. 1-32)
  • BRAHMS: Symphony No. 3 (2nd movement, beginning to letter B)
  • RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Capriccio Espagnol, Op. 34 (from letter C for 21 bars)
  • RAVEL: Daphnis et Chloé (Suite No. 2, beginning to 3 after reh. 157 and reh. 212 to end)

The non-ACA 2nd/Eb clarinet fellowships are filled for the 2019 season.

ADDITIONAL EXCERPTS FOR SECOND AND E-FLAT CLARINET FELLOWSHIP CONSIDERATION: To be considered for clarinet/E-flat clarinet, this list must be submitted IN THE ORDER LISTED..

  • RAVEL: Bolero (Reh. 3 to Reh. 4)
  • BERLIOZ: Symphonie fantastique, op. 14 [5th movement, Allegro, for 26 measures (Reh. 63 to 5 after Reh. 64)]
  • SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 5 in D minor, op. 47 (2nd movement, Reh. 49 to 5 after Reh. 50 and Reh. 53 to 1 after Reh. 54)
  • SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 6 in B minor, op. 54 (2nd movement, Reh. 34 to Reh. 37)
  • RAVEL: Piano Concerto in G major (1st movement, Reh. 18 to Reh. 19 and 9 before Reh. 35 to Reh. 35; and 3rd movement, Reh. 1 to six after Reh. 1)
  • RAVEL: Daphnis et Chloë, Suite No. 2 (one before Reh. 157 to Reh. 161, Reh. 200 to six after Reh. 203, and Reh. 214 to four after Reh. 220)

One non-ACA bass clarinet fellowship is available. 

ADDITIONAL EXCERPTS FOR BASS CLARINET FELLOWSHIP CONSIDERATION: To be considered for bass clarinet, this list must be submitted IN THE ORDER LISTED.

  • MEYERBEER: Les Huguenots [5th Act (cadenza starting on clarion F)]
  • WILLIAM SCHUMAN: Symphony No. 3 (toccata section solo to m.170)
  • KHACHATURIAN: Piano Concerto (2nd movement solo, 220 to low C)
  • GROFÉ, Grand Canyon Suite [section 3 ("On the Trail") from Reh. 2 to Reh. 3]


Recording Specifications
  • Recordings must be recent: made no more than three months prior to application.
  • Each excerpt or work must be played through without stopping.
  • All excerpts and works must be uploaded in the order listed.
  • Please label each upload with the name of the excerpt or work. DO NOT include your name.

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO