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Where Dreams Begin Campaign Newsletter February 2015

February 2015
A Note From the President & CEO 

In one month, the AMFS will reach a major milestone in our capital campaign. On February 28, we will meet with our Aspen Country Day School partners to confirm our joint participation in Phase II of construction on the Matthew and Carolyn Bucksbaum Campus. As we gear up for the upcoming construction, we ask that you join our many campaign donors to date in support of the Where Dreams Begin campaign. Your pledge to the campaign at this time will keep the AMFS on track to begin construction the week after the 2015 Festival ends.


Within the last month alone, trustees and supporters of the campaign donated more than $5 million toward our final goal, leaving us to raise just $4 million more by the end of February. Our deepest gratitude goes to AMFS Board Chair Bob Hurst and his wife, Soledad, who committed an additional $2 million on top of their original gift. We also thank Trustee Will Mesdag and his wife, Lisa, for their additional gift. These commitments are a testament to the strength of the philanthropic community in this valley.
We celebrate gifts of any size toward our Campus, and a number of naming opportunities exist at all levels to recognize donors - please see the listing in the newsletter below. 


AMFS Trustee Ann Friedman, with her husband, Tom, are challenging the AMFS family to raise the remaining funds for the capital portion of the campaign.The Friedmans will provide the final $1 million gift to the campaign-- and so provide a fitting book-end to the campaign, started by Ann's parents, Matthew and Kay Bucksbaum. Please join us in meeting the Friedmans' fundraising challenge and securing the final $4 million of our capital campaign goal. Together we can revitalize our campus for future musicians! 


With thanks, 

Alan Fletcher

President and CEO

How to Give
 to make a contribution today.
To discuss this opportunity further, please contact Alexander Brose, AMFS Vice President for Development, at (970) 205-5060, or
Campaign Progress
As of January 2015 the Where Dreams Begin Campaign has received $61,015,705 in support of the $75 million goal, which is split between revitalizing our campus and strengthening our endowment for students, faculty, and programs.
For more information on the campaign, and how you can contribute, please contact Alexander Brose, Vice President for Development, at

Contact Us
225 Music School Road
Aspen, CO 81611
970-925-3254 administration
970-925-9042 box office
$4 Million To Go! Join The Capital Campaign
We are pleased to announce that we are within $4 million of completing the capital campaign (campus construction) commitment before the February 28, 2015 deadline with our partners at Aspen Country Day School. Thank you to the many early and committed donors. Gifts at any level to our Campus will assist us in reaching our goal.

The AMFS needs your help in creating a world-class campus to complement the talent of our students and artist-faculty each Festival season. Phase II will bring new structures including our largest rehearsal hall yet, a student lounge and indoor cafeteria space, a new administration building, sixteen additional teaching studios, and a room built for small performances and master classes.
Building 7 will provide more state-of-the-art studio classrooms
The Opportunity To Make Your Mark 
Join the capital campaign with a naming gift and help us meet our commitment goal at the end of the month for the capital portion of the campaign. These gifts are critical to complete the construction of the Matthew and Carolyn Bucksbaum Campus and provide a chance for the AMFS to thank our steadfast donors publicly for years to come. Pledged payments on gifts of any amount may be paid over three to five years. To discuss these opportunities, please contact Alexander Brose, AMFS Vice President for Development, at (970) 205-5060, or

The following naming opportunities are available as part of the campaign:


Gifts of $5,000 to $25,000


Students enjoying the natural scenery on campus
  • Bricks in Entry Commons
  • Steps in Entry Commons
  • Benches throughout Campus
  • Trees throughout Campus


Gifts of $50,000


  • Practice Rooms
    (see section below)


Gifts from $75,000 to $150,000


  • Walking Path throughout Campus
  • Outdoor gathering spots
Building 7 rendering
Building 7 will provide many teaching studios on campus

Gifts from $250,000 to $500,000

  • Studio classrooms throughout Campus
  • Percussion Room
  • AMFS Music Library
  • Plaza between rehearsal halls and the music library
Gifts of $1 Million and Above
  • Restored "Fire Pond" next to the existing Business Building
  • New bridge across Castle Creek on the South end of Campus
Practice (Room) Makes Perfect
A Day in the Life of a Practice Room
Video: A Day in the Life of a Practice Room
Each of our students spends numerous hours each and every day (in some cases five or six!) practicing their craft and preparing to shine in one of our many performances each summer. And what is needed so that those many hours of practice will bring the best out of each student? Great practice rooms-comfortable, sound proof and perfectly tuned. 

We would love to have your name or the name of someone special to you on one of these practice rooms! The dollars raised from naming these rooms will help to complete our capital campaign goal to finish our new campus in 2016. While a gift of any amount will be greatly appreciated, we hope that you will consider a gift of $50,000 to name a practice room in which our students will evolve into the great classical music performers of tomorrow. Pledged payments on gifts of any amount may be made over three to five years. To discuss this opportunity further, please contact Alexander Brose, AMFS Vice President for Development, at (970) 205-5060, or
Recent Supporters
The Aspen Music Festival and School is thankful to all supporters of the Where Dreams Begin Campaign for the development of the Bucksbaum Campus, additional student scholarships, artist-faculty support, and the ability to pursue transformational artistic experiences.
Special thanks to our recent supporters of the 
Where Dreams Begin Campaign:

BJ and Michael Adams
Donald J. Aibel
Estate of Joan Angotti
Barbara and Billy Bass
Mrs. Mercedes T. Bass, Mercedes T. Bass Charitable Corporation
Rita and Irwin Blitt
Judith Boylan
Susan and Richard Braddock
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Brill, in memory of David Karetsky
Elizabeth Buccheri
Jackie and John Bucksbaum
Sydney and Steven Cohen
Carole Cowan
Catherine Cussaguet
The Derfner Foundation
Sara Garton
Susanne H. Goldstein
Estate of Robert A. Harris
Frank Horner
Susan A. Ingerman and Arlene Siegelman
Iowa Foundation for Education, Environment, and the Arts
Carolyn and Stan Kleban
Ann and Tom Korologos
Joe LaDou
Dorothy Julia Lebach
Lenor and Patrick Leeds
Phyllis and Saul Lowitt
Kelly and Bryan May
Glenn McLoughlin
Ellen and Ed Monarch
Caroline Y. and John Moore
Estate of Heinz G. Neumann
Ann and Bill Nitze
Marilyn and Jerry Oberembt
Elise Paschen
Fonda and Charles Paterson
Esther and Thomas Paul
Hensley and James Peterson
Pfizer Inc.
Pamela and James Porter, III
Susan Proctor
Robert P. Rainier
Marilynn and Charles Rivkin
Jane and Larry Sherman
Robert Sherman
Gillian and Robert Steel
Gregory Sulik
Phyllis W. Tate
MaryAnn and Ray Tittle
Carol and Mack Trapp
Linda and Dennis Vaughn
Harriet Washton and George Kaye
NOTE - The above is a list of gifts received between September 1, 2014 and January 7, 2015. Click here for a complete listing of contributors to the Where Dreams Begin campaign.

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO