Aspen Music Festival And School

2020 Designated Annual Fund Gifts

While the majority of AMFS’s annual supporters choose to make their gifts unrestricted, many individuals and organizations elect to designate their contribution toward a particular area of interest.  We are grateful to the following donors for their generous support this year.


Education and Community Programming
Alpine Bank of Aspen
Stephen Brint and Mark Brown
Noël and Tom*Congdon
Fisher Family Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Ann and Tom Friedman
Golub Family Foundation
Sue Anne Griffith
Leelee and Bill Harriman
Mary Ann and James R. Harris
Sandy and Peter Johnson
Les Dames d'Aspen
Tita and Dan McCarty
Nancy Meinig - Meinig Family Foundation
Cherie Oates
Janet and Tom O'Connor
Hensley and James Peterson
Pitkin County Dry Goods
Caryn and Rudi Scheidt, Jr.
Anne and Chris Reyes
June Simmons and Jody Dunn
Denise and Dave Stookesberry, in honor of Katie Stookesberry
U.S. Bank
Edith Kallas and Joe Whatley


Supporting our Artist-Faculty
Dana and Gene Powell
Gloria and Joe Pryzant
Lecie and Jack Resneck
Marilyn Wilmerding


Student Assistance and Support
Todd Arcomano
Michele Bodner
Brandice Canes-Wrone
Harriet and Charles Edwards
Elyse Elliott
Mauricio Fabre
Mary Ann Frenzel
Anne Goyer
Sandy and Peter Johnson
Prof. Carolyn Fairbanks and Nick Kereakos
Amy and Tom Kwei
Mary Ralph Lowe
Carolyn and Martin Manosevitz
Kit McCutchin Meyer
Sue and Paul Ofield
Drs. Amy D. Ronner and Michael P. Pacin
Lynda Palevsky
Anne Powell-Riley
Candace R. Schlief
Carla and Kelly Thompson
Robert Travers
Josefina P. Tuason
Hao and Michelle Wang Foundation
Marilyn Wilmerding

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO