Aspen Music Festival And School

Board and National Council

Former Board Chair and current National Council Co-President Bob Hurst, left, and current Board Chair Mike Klein, right The AMFS Board of Trustees comprises fifty committed and qualified individuals who each serve for a six-year term. The body meets five times a year, and members and committees meet regularly to fulfill the essential functions of providing direction and counsel to the AMFS president and CEO, overseeing fiduciary matters, and providing long-term direction for the organization. The Board’s Nominating Committee is charged with membership determinations.
Carrie Wells, co-president of the National Council, with AMFS President and CEO Alan Fletcher The AMFS National Council is made up of the significant donors who support the Festival at the level of $8,500 and above. This group meets annually in the summer. Currently there are more than 250 members of the AMFS National Council.

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO