Aspen Music Festival And School

Locals Pass

Amazing deal for year-round Roaring Fork Valley local residents!

10-Event Pass Gives HUGE Savings -- Huge savings and flexibility. 

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How it works:

Pay just $60 for the pass, and use it to purchase deeply discounted tickets to many events.

  • Purchase tickets for up to ten concerts--expanded from six in past years! Choose from Sundays (just $25, regularly $85/$100), Fridays ($20, regularly $82/$90), or any other regular concert, recital, dress rehearsal, or master class ($15). Some restrictions apply, see below.
  • Good this year for two operas: Thomson's The Mother of Us All ($15, August 5) and Ricky Ian Gordon's The Grapes of Wrath ($20, August 20 and 22)
  • The following concerts require a premium charge: Opening Sunday on July 5 and Final Sunday on 8/23 cost $50 with Locals Pass; Recital with Sharon Isbin and the Pacifica Quartet on August 8 costs $30 with Locals Pass.
  • Note that dress rehearsals and master classes are no longer free with the Locals Pass. The dress rehearsals for Opening Sunday (July 5) and Final Sunday (August 23) are closed.
  • Pass is not valid for July 28 Special Event with Members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and AMFS Artist-Faculty; August 3 Special Event: The Sound of Music: In Concert; August 12 Special Event with The Zukerman Trio; August 22 Special Event with Vladimir Feltsman; July 11 and July 18 Special Event Opera Theater Master Classes; July 14 Special Event Master Class with Renee Fleming;  July 30, August 6 and 13 Special Events Science of Music lectures; July 11 and 13 Special Events Beginner’s Ear; July 20 Opera Gala; August 10 Feast of Music Benefit; July 16, 18, and 20 Mozart’s The Magic Flute, any house music or artist dinner.

View Locals Pass brochure here.

How to purchase:

Buy at the box office. Click HERE for box office hours and information.

Proof of year-round residency must be shown. See below.

The Locals Pass is a non-transferable picture pass and may be purchased over the phone but must be picked up in person. Limit one pass per person. Must present a valid Colorado State driver’s license or state-issued identification with a Roaring Fork Valley address from a DMV office (the closest is in Glenwood Springs) to obtain the pass. Please note, locally addressed mail or utility bills cannot be accepted as proof of year-round residency for this pass.

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO