Aspen Music Festival And School


Interested in supporting the music and musicians of the Aspen Music Festival and School? Join the group of dedicated volunteers who help the Festival each summer on a variety of teams. Read about one of our long-time volunteers here.

The Festival is fortunate to have many volunteers who return year-after-year so there may or may not be openings in the areas below. We contact the prior year's volunteers in the spring and have a sense of openings by May.

Please contact each person listed below for more information on each opportunity. For general questions, please contact or 970 925 3254.


Ways to Get Involved

* Opportunities at the Benedict Music Tent
* Opportunities with Music Students
* Opportunities at Special Events
* Opportunities Distributing Marketing Materials in Your Community
* Opportunities Giving Tours


At the Benedict Music Tent

Three volunteer teams are in place during concerts and other AMFS events at the Benedict Music Tent:

  • Gift Kiosk
    Many visitors to the Aspen Music Festival and School want to remember their musical experiences by purchasing a memento. The Gift Kiosk, located just outside the main entrance to the Benedict Music Tent, carries a wide variety of AMFS logo inventory including everything from fleece jackets and t-shirts to season posters. Volunteers help customers and sell merchandise under the management of the Marketing Interns.
    Contact: Leah Schlein, Marketing Manager,
    Commitment: The Gift Kiosk is open during all Benedict Music Tent events except Dress Rehersals. Of the shifts available, volunteers select those that best fit their schedules.
  • Lemonade Stand 
    The Lemonade Stand is open before concerts and throughout intermission whenever there are concerts at the Benedict Music Tent. Volunteers set out and sell refreshments to concert-goers who may need a cup of hot coffee on a chilly night or a delicious snack on a sunny afternoon. Proceeds from the Lemonade Stand go toward student scholarship.
    Contact: Mary Alexander Patterson, Operations Administrator, or 970 205 5021.
    Commitment: The Lemonade Stand is open during all Benedict Music Tent events. Of the shifts available, volunteers select those that best fit their schedules.
  • Music Ambassadors 
    These volunteers meet, greet, and assist concertgoers as they arrive at the Benedict Music Tent. Positioned around the grounds and in the Concierge information booth before, during, and after concerts, these well-trained volunteers are the “go-to” people for questions. They are easy to recognize with their royal blue polo shirts and welcoming smiles. 
    Contact: Diane Stine at or 970 205 5074.
    Commitment: The same shift each week for the entire eight-week summer season.




There are a variety of ways to meet and interact with AMFS music students:

  • Student Housing Program
    Open a bedroom in your home to a music student for the summer and receive a season pass in return. Note that the AMFS can work with housing volunteers in regard to general requests, such as gender, instrument, etc. However, the AMFS must have the final decision on the recipient, taking in factors such as financial need.
    Contact: Jalen Lee, Manager of Admissions and Student Affairs:; 970 205 5054
    Commitment: Dates are 6/18 through 8/19. One pass per student housed.
  • Student Dinner Program
    What student hasn’t longed for a home-cooked meal? Our student dinners pair audience members with music students, giving the students the chance for a delicious meal in a warm and friendly setting. Students and audience members alike love this win-win program. 
    Contact: Sylvia Wendrow, lead Student Dinner volunteer, at 970 704 1904.
    Commitment: Volunteers can host one or more dinners throughout the Festival season, it's up to you!

*Due to limited opportunities, Student Services is no longer accepting new volunteers for airport greeter, registration, or auditions. Previous year volunteers may contact us or they can expect a solicitation in early spring.
Contact: Megan McDevitt, Manager of Enrollment and Student Benefits:; 970 205 5052
Commitment: 1 or more shifts from 3 to 8 hours between 6/18 and 6/22


Special Events

The Development Department uses volunteers in a variety of ways to help execute many donor-related events each summer. Volunteers sometimes assemble materials prior to an event, help monitor silent auctions, register guests, and/or serve food and drinks at benefits and receptions.

  • Encore Receptions
    Encore receptions are post-concert donor receptions that take place in the Meadows Hospitality Tent following some Sunday afternon performances. Volunteers welcome attendees and help serve food and drinks throughout the event. 
    Contact: Darian Oliva, Events Manager, at or 970 205 5063.
    Commitment: Volunteers are called prior to each Encore. Work those that fit your schedule.
  • Ice Cream Social
    This is an annual event that takes place on the Benedict Music Tent grounds. It is very popular and happens only once each summer, preceding a selected Sunday afternoon concert. Volunteers help serve the ice cream, thus contributing to the festive atmosphere of the event. The 2018 Ice Cream Social will take place Sunday, August 12 at 2:30 pm.
    Contact: Darian Oliva, Events Manager, at or 970 205 5063.
    Commitment: One hour prior to the event through the start of the concert.


Poster Distribution

The Marketing department relies on volunteers to help get the word out by distributing posters, flyers, and tearsheets from Aspen to Glenwood Springs.

  • Poster Distribution 
    Distributing beautiful posters throughout the Roaring Fork Valley is an important way for the Festival to promote upcoming events. This is a great way to meet people, be out and about, and let locals and visitors alike know about the tremendous musical productions that are available to them throughout the year. 
    Contact: Christina Thomsen, Communications Manager,
    Commitment: This position is year-round. Posters are distributed eight to ten times in the winter and once a week on Mondays during the summer Festival season. Volunteers cover routes in Aspen, the Airport Business Center, Snowmass Village, Basalt, El Jebel, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs. For routes outside Aspen, a car is needed.
  • Tearsheet Distribution
    Each week the Festival produces the ever-popular Tearsheets. These one-page sheets allow visitors and locals alike to see the most complete and current schedule of events for each day of the week. Volunteers distribute Tearsheets throughout town, the Airport Business Center, Snowmass Village, and mid-valley locations along designated routes. It’s a great way to be out and about, talking with people about the Festival. 
    Contact: Kristin Cleveland, Publications and PR Coordinator,
    Commitment: Volunteers cover routes in Aspen, the Airport Business Center, Snowmass Village, Basalt, El Jebel, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs. Each volunteer is responsible for one community and distributes once a week on Thursdays. For routes outside Aspen, a car is needed.



Guided Tours

The Aspen Music Festival and School offers three guided tours during the summer season:

  • Matthew and Carolyn Bucksbaum Campus Tours
    The Bucksbaum Campus is located on an old silver mine site. Guided tours incorporate interesting tidbits about Aspen’s silver mining era, history of the Campus, details about the recent redevelopment of the site to a world-class campus for the study of music. One-hour tour every Monday morning, 10:15-11:15 am. 
  • Benedict Music Tent and Harris Concert Hall Backstage Tours
    This tour offers visitors an opportunity to learn about the history of both performance venues and view them from audience, musician, and backstage vantage points. Harris Concert Hall, located 30 feet below ground, is connected to the Benedict Music Tent by an underground tunnel which is included in the tour. One-hour tour every Monday, noon - 1 pm. 
  • Walking Tours to the Tent 
    These guided tours begin at the Hotel Jerome, meander through the historic West End neighborhood, and wind up at the Benedict Music Tent. During the tour, guides share details about Aspen’s history, the charming Victorian architecture, and the area’s geology. One-hour tour every Sunday, 2-3 pm. 

Contact: For all tours: Diane Stine at or 970 205 5074.
Commitment: The same shift each week for the entire eight-week summer season.

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO