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Hire A Musician

The Hire A Musician Office will accept new booking requests for 6/21-8/19 through Friday, August 3, 2018 at 5 pm. If your event is on or between June 21 and August 19 and you would like to book AMFS musicians, please familiarize yourself with the Client FAQ and gather the information needed below. You may submit your request to Thank you for supporting students of the Aspen Music Festival and School!

ENSEMBLE: (String Quartet, Brass Quintet, soloist, etc.)
NOTES: If you have any specific dress requirements or musical requests
CONTACT PERSON: The name of a person for day-of contact at the event

If you would like to hire a musical service outside of the Festival dates, below is a courtesy listing of local musicians who frequently work with the AMFS and have our highest recommendation. Best wishes in planning your event!



Daniel Jacobs  
Jalen Lee 502-4719470
Katherine Stookesberry 970-205-5011



Dan Furth 970-948-2332
Daniel Jacobs  
Jalen Lee 502-4719470
Megan McDevitt 970-205-5052



Sarah Beske 970-205-5057
Lorraine Curry 970-379-3803
Betsy Furth 970-274-0118
Sarah Graf 970-306-1235
Wendy Larson 970-927-2224
Maren Quanbeck 970-205-5031



Lindsay Bobyak 612-991-3683



Will Brobston 256-684-4164
Nick Lenio 570-772-4626
Sam LoBue 803-984-8332



David Dyer 970-274-4232
Jonathan Gorst 917-553-1357
Kyle Jones 720-205-6151
Kevin Kaukl 970-343-2022
Adley Kent 636-887-6785
Marcia Kuhlman 248-892-5752
David Parker 603-721-9003



Chris Bank saxophone, bass, vocals, guitar 970-704-0252
Chris Harrison saxophone 970-379-9685
Sam LoBue trombone, guitar 803-9848332


Misc. Genres and Instruments

Lorraine Curry bluegrass ensemble:
Leonard Curry Trio 970-379-3803
Darla Dixon Strait flute, saxophone, clarinet, vocalist (alto) 970-618-4138
David Dyer organ, religious services 970-274-4232
Kyle Jones ukelele, piano 720-205-6151
Kevin Kaukl organ, religious services 970-343-2022
Marcia Kuhlman voice, bassoon 248-892-5752
Wendy Larson string quartet 970-927-2224
Nick Lenio trombone, banjo, bass guitar 570-772-4626
Sam LoBue trombone, bass trombone, tuba,
euphonium, guitar 803-984-8332
Colby Parker elevation brass quintet 912-481-5014
Emily Schoendorf bassoon 301-356-3092
Tami Suby flute, mandolin:
folk / contemporary / classical 970-456-5275
Sue Wasienko flute, vocalist (mezzo-soprano) 970-319-4076


Teaching Private Lessons

Chris Bank saxophone, bass, vocals, guitar
- all ages/abilities 970-704-0252
Sarah Beske cello - all ages / abilities 970-205-5057
Lindsay Bobyak double Bass / violin 612-991-3683
Will Brobston guitar 256-684-4164
Lorraine Curry* violin, cello, bass
- all ages / abilities 970-379-3803
Darla Dixon Strait flute - all ages / abilities: 970-618-4138
Betsy Furth cello - all ages / abilities 970-274-0118
Jonathan Gorst* piano, voice
- all ages / abilities / genres 917-553-1357
Sarah Graf cello - all ages / abilities 970-306-1235
Chris Harrison* saxophone, bassoon, clarinet, flute
- all ages/abilities 970-379-9685
Daniel Jacobs violin, viola, piano all ages / abilities
Kevin Kaukl*
(Aspen, Carbondale)
piano / organ - all ages / abilities 970-343-2022
Marcia Kuhlman voice, piano, bassoon - all ages / abilities 248-892-5752
Jalen Lee violin, viola - all ages / abilities 502-471-9470
Nick Lenio guitar, bass guitar, banjo, trombone 570-772-4626
Sam LoBue trombone, bass trombone, tuba,
euphonium, guitar
- middle school to professional 803-984-8332
Megan McDevitt violin, viola - all ages / abilities 970-205-5052
Maren Quanbeck cello - all ages / abilities 970-205-5031
Emily Schoendorf bassoon 301-356-3092
Katie Stookesberry violin - all ages / abilities 970-205-5011
Tami Suby* beginning wind instruments,
beginning-intermediate piano,
flute of all ages / abilities 970-456-5275
Sue Wasienko flute, voice, piano - all ages / abilities 970-319-4076


*indicates a teacher available in Glenwood Springs or Carbondale


To learn more, please contact:
Sarah Beske
Education and Community Coordinator
970 205 5057

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO