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Festival Orchestra: Spano Leads Mahler's Third Symphony

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With special thanks to Mona Look-Mazza and Tony Mazza, and to Gael Neeson, in memory of Stefan Edlis
4:00 PM MT
$90, $65, $45
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CAGE 4'33"
G. MAHLER: Symphony No. 3 in D minor

In a list of works exemplifying the season theme of “The Adoration of Nature,” Mahler’s 3rd Symphony would be near the top. This gigantic and glorious six-movement hymn to Nature is the longest symphony in the standard repertoire. It’s also one of Mahler’s most optimistic, extroverted works. For Mahler, Nature wasn’t just the natural world; it was the entire world. Just as Nature overflows with astonishing colors and breathtaking beauty, Mahler’s universe of a symphony teems with brilliant orchestration and stunning melodies. It’s a 99-minute visceral and emotional rollercoaster with shifts of mood and surprising contrasts. The first movement, “Pan Awakens – Summer Marches In” bursts into life with a confident march. The second, “What the Flowers and Meadows Tell Me’’ is a charming minuet. Next comes the bustling scherzo, “What the Animals of the Forest Tell Me,” followed by the dark stillness of “What the Night Tells Me.” This movement features mezzo-soprano Kelly O’Connor, known for her “ravishingly velvet vocal tone” (San Francisco Chronicle). Night breaks into sunshine with “What the Morning Bells Tell Me,” opening with the angelic sound of a children’s chorus. The final movement, “What Love Tells Me” is a gorgeously grand slow movement expressing Mahler’s belief that “God can only be comprehended as Love.”

Immerse yourself in one of the most uplifting and overwhelming experiences in all of music, Mahler’s gargantuan 3rd!

Watch O'Connor perform a recital on Saturday, August 2. 

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO