The Aspen Music Festival and School's Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Committee meets quarterly and consists of AMFS artist-faculty members, staff, alumni and Board members. This committee will guide the organization's work over the next eighteen months and beyond to monitor progress towards its IDEA goals.


Members of the the IDEA Committee

Mike Klein (AMFS Board Chair)
Fonda Paterson (AMFS Board Member)
Joaquin ValdepeƱas (AMFS Artist-Faculty Member)
Demarre McGill (AMFS Artist-Faculty Member)
Khori Dastoor (AMFS Alumnus)
Anthony Trionfo (AMFS Alumnus)

Staff representatives:
Daniel Benavent
Patrick Chamberlain
Azusa Chapman
Kristin Cleveland
Charlie Fields
Alan Fletcher
Heather Kendrick
Mi Ryung Song