Mark Your Calendars! Join us July 19–21 for an unforgettable Alumni Weekend in honor of the Aspen Music Festival's 75th Anniversary season. Stay tuned!

Embracing the Aspen Spirit Once More


As proud representatives of the Aspen Music Festival and School's rich tapestry, we are pleased to announce the reinvigoration of the AMFS Alumni Association.
Our objective: rekindle connections and celebrate our alumni.

Rhett Del Campo and Sun Min Kim, AMFS Alumni Committee Co-chairs









“I think it is important to connect current students with people across the vast network of those that experienced the AMFS as a significant formational experience.” — Justin Benavidez, ’10

LinkedIn Group

Our LinkedIn group serves as a platform for AMFS alumni to engage in networking, collaboration, and mutual job support, while also playing a crucial role in ensuring the continued success and vitality of the AMFS.

Stagetime Circle

Stagetime’s mission is to strengthen and amplify the collective talents of arts industries through the power of a singular accessible community. Join the hundreds of AMFS alumni already registered!  

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“I miss the Michael Klein Music Tent, community atmosphere and, in my experience, the intense focus of the students in pursuing competitions, chamber music, and other exciting opportunities. I miss the mountains, too.” — Jarred Dunn, ’11

Upcoming Events and Features

  • A Reunion to Remember
    • Join us July 19-21 for an unforgettable Alumni Weekend in honor of the Aspen Music Festival and School's 75th Anniversary season. Stay tuned!

AMFS Proud

Elevate Your Teaching with Forte

  • The Aspen Music Festival and School and Forte have partnered to enable AMFS alumni who have taught in the P.A.L.S. and/or Festival Lessons programs to expand their studio and augment their income by virtually connecting to more students globally. Students around the world use Forte to access private lessons with verified AMFS alumni who are experienced teachers and/or have a strong pedagogy background.
  • Note to Users: If you are interested in becoming an AMFS verified alumni teacher with Forte, please contact

A Season to Anticipate

  • This winter, revel in the exceptional talents of our AMFS alumni during our Winter Music Recital Series. Mark your calendars for captivating performances on February 15, March 7, and March 21. Our lineup features the illustrious Yefim Bronfman; the dynamic Isidore String Quartet, including violinists Adrian Steele and Devin Moore, along with cellist Joshua McClendon; the enchanting Simone Porter; and the brilliant Hsin-I Huang. Discover more about this unmissable series and the alumni artists who will grace our stage. Learn more about the series.
  • As we celebrate our 75th Anniversary, the excitement builds for our Summer 2024 season, Becoming who you are. Full details will be unveiled in February 2024. Stay tuned for a summer of memorable performances by our distinguished alumni. 



“I hope to one day establish a scholarship that helps other students in the same way that it helped me when I studied at AMFS.” — Yarot Lafontaine, ’07

Alumni Fund Initiatives

Join us in making a statement, not just as a nod to our past, but as a bold step towards our future. Choosing to support our Alumni Fund initiatives shows that your contribution reverberates through time, touching countless lives in the process.
  • 2024 Summer Onsite Alumni Weekend in Aspen
    • A memorable reunion in the heart of Aspen, underwritten in part by Lydia Morrongiello. Morrongiello's decades-long affiliation with the AMFS includes attending under fellowship as a rehearsal accompanist during the summers of 1968 through 1970, teaching music theory and various seminars, and studying in the Edgar Stanton Sound Studio (audio engineering program) in the 1990s. 
  • Off-Season Webinars
    • Knowledge-sharing sessions, workshops, and interactive events to keep the alumni community engaged throughout the year, underwritten in part by Lydia Morrongiello. 
  • Collaborative Events
    • Partnered gatherings with esteemed institutions to broaden our reach and influence in and beyond Aspen
  • Engagement Initiatives
    • Investing in direct and tactile alumni relations, from personalized mailings to special notes on social media — keeping our connections vibrant and meaningful.
  • Alumni Artists
    • The Aspen Music Festival and School is proud to present a lineup of esteemed alumni artists each year. Your support is vital in bringing these remarkable alumni back to the AMFS and ensuring the continued success of our programs. Learn more about our 2024 season. 

Planned Giving

Craft Your Musical Legacy: By including the Aspen Music Festival and School in your will, your passion for the arts becomes an enduring note for the future.

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Student Scholarship

Harmonize Your Giving: Support the next generation of musicians by contributing to the Aspen Music Festival and School's student scholarship fund. Whether through operating, endowed, or named scholarships, your donation strikes a chord of opportunity, allowing talented students to refine their craft.

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Committee Membership

By joining the AMFS Committee, you play a pivotal role in orchestrating our vision, ensuring that alumni efforts resonate.

Our Year in Review

Discover the impact of your contributions and the milestones we've achieved together. Our annual report provides an insightful overview of our programs, initiatives, and financial stewardship.

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“I couldn't be more thankful for the inspiration that AMFS has offered me, and an alumni program benefits all that are involved to continue in and share the power of music with those who care.” — Isaac Kay, ’17

Your Alumni Committee

The AMFS Alumni Committee serves and engages a multitude of alumni capacities and talents in alignment with the organization's mission. Through this purpose, the Committee is dedicated to financial viability, measurable success, and lifelong value to AMFS alumni. Inquire here.

The 2024 AMFS Alumni Committee

Justin Benavidez Chance Eakin,  Louis Levitt
Simon Blatter Melissa Eisenstat Jeffrey Li
Alyssa Breid Jonathan Haas Lydia Morrongiello
Judy Bridewell Biondini Akari Hatanaka Jennie Moser
Sarah Chang Joseph Helinski Daniel Pesca
Vivian Chang Tom Hooten Hava Polinsky
Roderick Cox Daniel Jacobs Arthur Robinson
Julia Dawson Isaac Kay Christopher Robinson
Liam Day Sun Min Kim Matt Stiens
Rhett Del Campo JJ Koh Putu Lia Veranika
Abigail Dreher Yarot Lafontaine Monika Warchol
Steve Drimmer Bryce Leafman Alana Wiesing
Jarred Dunn Nate Lee  





“I want a personal relationship with local/regional alumni and the opportunity to engage with prospective and current students.” — Lydia Morrongiello, ’68-’71

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The Aspen Music Festival and School is here to assist you. Our mission centers on cultivating and fortifying our bond with alumni. We aim to establish lifelong, mutually beneficial relationships, empowering our community with each interaction.

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For direct support and assistance, find the contact details for our dedicated team members below: 

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO