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Dr. Linda Carroll is an internationally-recognized voice expert with over 35 year experience as a rehabilitation specialist, treating patients who have high voice use demands, complicated voice issues, or severe dysphonia. . Formerly in NYC for over 30 years, she maintains a private practice in the Rye, NH, and serves as research scientist to the Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr Carroll is also Adjunct Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of New Hampshire. An ASHA Fellow, she has been a vital member of several interdisciplinary voice care teams, and has been an expert columnist in the area of vocal health for Dr Carroll was invited speaker for Renée Fleming’s “American Voices Symposium” at The Kennedy Center, and was keynote G. Paul Moore Lecturer at The Voice Foundation Symposium on Care of the Professional Voice.

She holds dual undergraduate degrees in voice performance and music education from the University of Maine, and Masters/Doctoral degrees in Applied Speech Science from Columbia University. She has held faculty and research appointments at major universities in the departments of Otolaryngology, Speech-Language Pathology, Music, and Theatre. Dr. Carroll mentors many clinicians and has over 300 invited lectures and 55 publications on use of clinical voice measures, management of the injured and/or post-operative voice, and assessment of dysphonia across the lifespan.  Dr. Carroll treats performers from major opera companies, Broadway, leading jazz singers, and pop/rock performers (her students have over 80 Grammy nominations), as well as broadcasters, teachers, lawyers and politicians. Because of her aerodynamic background, she also treats dyspnea in fire fighters from WTC 9/11 event. Her unique background, acute perceptual skills, knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the supernormal, normal and injured voice, as well as her extensive clinical experience places Dr. Carroll at the top of her field.

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