A Gift in Your Will


A popular and enduring planned gift is a simple charitable bequest, which is a gift made through your will. Bequests are popular because they give you the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. When you make a charitable bequest, you retain full use of your property during life, so there is no disruption of your lifestyle and no immediate out-of-pocket cost.

To make a bequest, simply designate that part of your estate passes directly to us. Since a charitable bequest can take many forms, you have remarkable flexibility in how you make this designation. For example, you can leave...

  • a specific asset
  • a specific sum of money
  • a percentage of your estate
  • what remains of your estate after you have provided for all of your other beneficiaries.

You can also state exactly how you want your bequest to be put to use. Or, you can provide an unrestricted bequest that can be used whenever and wherever it's needed most. Most importantly, you can change your bequest whenever you choose—you remain in complete control of the planning process.

Free Will and Estate Planning Guide

If you are preparing to write or update a will, or have put off writing a will because the task feels overwhelming, our Will and Estate Planning Guide can make the task easier. The Guide encourages you to contemplate your goals and how you wish to provide for loved ones in meaningful ways. It walks you through the steps of gathering, organizing, and documenting important information that impacts your planning, your family, and your charitable giving.  

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Language for your Attorney

If you are making a gift in your will or with a beneficiary designation, certain legal language may be required. Let us provide you with more information about making a gift in your will, along with specific language to provide to your attorney.

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