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The Aspen Music Festival and School has created custom Spotify playlists that allow you to enjoy the music and artists no matter where you are.
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AMFS Playlists


2023 Season Announcement Playlist (Listen)                                                  

Explore the upcoming season's programming with a curated sampling of highlights. Many of these selections capture the season's theme, Adoration of the Earth. Join us for the 74th annual Festival June 29–Aug 20 for an exploration of musical inspiration and humankind's relationship with nature. 



2021 Season Announcement Playlist (Listen)   


Celebrate the return of the in-person Festival with this playlist of selections from the 2021 summer season. Experience the invinceable spirit of the Festival and the joy and wonder of coming back together around music once again. 


2020 Season Announcement Playlist (Listen)                                                  

Kick-off the 2020 season and listen to a varied selection of pieces being performed this summer, revolving around the season themes, “Beethoven’s Revolution" and the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment with the theme "Uncommon Women of Note."


2019 Season Announcement Playlist (Listen)   

Listen to a varied selection of pieces that were performed in the 2019 summer, revolving around the season theme, "Being American." Below you'll find a curated playlist for each of 2019 Aspen Chamber Symphony and Aspen Festival Orchestra. 



Week 1: June 27–June 30



Week 2: July 1–July 7



Week 3: July 8–July 14



Week 4: July 15–July 21



Week 5: July 22–July 28



Week 6: July 29–August 4



Week 7: August 5–August 11

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Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO