Aspen Music Festival And School

Deep Focus: Enriching the Aspen Experience

An array of micro-essays by accomplished musicologists, curated to enhance and enrich your historical and aesthetic engagement with the musical programming offered at Aspen’s 2022 Season. 

Serious Frivolity: Juggling the Profound and the Lighthearted in Beethoven’s Third and Fifth Cello Sonatas

Kevin McBrien, PhD Candidate in Musicology, University of California, Santa Barbara

Musicologist Kevin McBrien takes a sideways look at Ludwig van Beethoven’s Third and Fifth Cello Sonatas, suggesting that they contain comic moments as well as deeply felt emotions, and that the two are not as mutually exclusive as we might think. 

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Withdrawn from “the diversions of society”: Seclusion and Beethoven’s Chamber Music

Dr. Sarah Clemmens Waltz, Associate Professor, University of the Pacific

Dr. Sarah Waltz guides us to some of the social meanings of chamber music for Beethoven, meditating on the intimacy of the form and its meanings for his time and our own. 

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Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO