Aspen Music Festival And School

Hire A Musician

The AMFS Hire A Musician office will be accepting bookings for the 2023 summer season (June 24 - August 20) starting on March 1, 2023. Please review the Hire A Musician Client FAQ for general program information. Pricing for the upcoming season will be available on March 1. At that point, please email to begin your booking request. We look forward to providing musicians for your event!


Musicians for Hire for Performance



Camille Backman 970-275-7742
Chris Baum  
Erin Gallagher 773-332-2808
Heather Kendrick 970-205-5057
Delaney Meyers 614-735-8542
Chandler Martin 502-500-7357
Megan McDevitt 970-205-5052
Megan Rabe  



Erin Gallagher 773-332-2808
Veronica Lopez 412-636-4580
Megan McDevitt 970-205-5052
Delaney Meyers 614-735-8542



Roberto Arundale 734-834-0884
Lorraine Curry 970-379-3803
Betsy Furth 970-274-0118
Sarah Graf 970-306-1235
Wendy Larson 970-340-4080


Double Bass

Jeanette Adams 906-280-2091
Lindsay Bobyak 612-991-3683
Lorraine Curry 970-379-3803
Patrick McDevitt 303-594-4201
Ashton Taufer 970-379-5704



Rodrigo Arreguin 619-560-7345
Chris Bank 970-704-0252
Nick Lenio 570-772-4626
John Ramo 970-948-7062
Ashton Taufer 970-379-5704



David Dyer 970-274-4232
Kyle Jones 720-205-6151
Kevin Kaukl 970-343-2022
Tamela Kenning  



Chris Bank saxophone, bass, vocals, guitar 970-704-0252
Kriss Harmony  saxophone, bass, guitar, Devachan jazz quartet 970-379-9685
Patrick McDevitt   bass 303-594-4201
Wes Lanich piano, Hammond B3 organ, guitar  
Dustin Lutomski  jazz trumpet 970-274-0989
Ashton Taufer small jazz combo, 4-piece acoustic band 970-379-5704


Miscellaneous Instruments and Genres

Karen Buri trumpet 720-346-1209

Alexandra Braeger 

clarinet 303-928-0793
Lorraine Curry The Colorado Currys (folk, swing, bluegrass) 970-379-3803 
Sarah Graf string ensembles (quartet, trio, duo) 970-306-1235
Chris Harrison saxophone, bassoon, Electric Circus (rock band) 970-379-9685
Maureen Hinkle vocalist (soprano) 970-319-1033
Tamela Kenning vocalist (soprano and mezzo)      
Patrick McDevitt bass, small jazz combo (flexible size) 303-594-4201
Wendy Larson string ensembles (quartet, trio, duo) 970-340-4080
Nick Lenio solo acoustic guitar and hand drum, trombone, banjo 570-772-4626
Erica Nottingham vocalist (soprano) 303-579-5851
Kathy Pelowski vocalist 970-948-8959
Benjamin Overbeek guitar, vocals, original music  
John Ramo guitar, Valle Musico Quartet 970-948-7062
Michael Schoepe vocalist 970-309-4025
Bonnie Shappell  horn 856-905-8308
Damian Smith guitar, vocals 970-309-9789
Ashton Taufer small jazz combo, 4-piece band 970-379-5704



Private Lesson Teachers for Hire

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

Jeanette Adams violin, viola, cello, double bass  906-280-2091
Roberto Arundale cello 734-834-0884
Camille Backman violin 970-275-7742
Lindsay Bobyak violin, viola, cello, double bass 612-991-3683
Lorraine Curry violin, cello, bass 970-379-3803
Betsy Furth cello 970-274-0118
Erin Gallagher violin, viola 773-332-2808
Sarah Graf cello 970-306-1235
Heather Kendrick violin 970-205-5057
Veronica Lopez violin, viola 412-636-4580
Chandler Martin violin 502-500-7357
Megan McDevitt violin, viola 970-205-5052
Delaney Meyers violin, viola 614-735-8542


Guitar and Bass Guitar

Jeanette Adams bass guitar 906-280-2091
Rodrigo Arreguin  guitar 619-560-7345
Chris Bank         guitar, bass guitar 970-704-0252
Lindsay Bobyak bass guitar 612-991-3683
Wes Lanich guitar  
Nick Lenio guitar, electric bass 570-772-4626
John Ramo classical guitar (all ages)  970-948-7062
Ashton Taufer     bass guitar, guitar 970-379-5704
Matt Thomas guitar, songwriting 970-319-2415


Piano and Organ

Erin Gallagher piano 773-332-2808
Amanda Gessler  piano  
Kyle Jones piano 720-205-6151
Kevin Kaukl  piano, organ 970-343-2022
Tamela Kenning piano  
Adley Kent piano, accordion 636-887-6785
Wes Lanich piano, Hammond B3 organ  
Kathy Pelowski  piano (beginning to intermediate) 970-948-8959
Stacey Weiss  piano ("Aspen Piano Academy"),
specializing in children 970-309-9836


Voice and Other Instruments

Jeanette Adams mandolin, ukulele 906-280-2091
Stephanie Askew ukulele 214-405-8040
Chris Bank saxophone, vocals 970-704-0252
Karen Buri trumpet 720-346-1209
Alexandra Braeger clarinet 303-928-0793
Tim Caskin saxophone (classical and jazz) 631-786-9771
Kriss Harmony saxophone, clarinet, flute, bassoon 970-379-9685
Maureen Hinkle voice (ages 12+) 970-319-1033
Kyle Jones ukulele 720-205-6151
Kevin Kaukl music theory 970-343-2022
Tamela Kenning voice  
Wes Lanich Dobro, blues, jazz, rock, gospel,
funk, bluegrass  
Nick Lenio trombone 570-772-4626
Kathy Pelowski voice 970-948-8959
Michael Schoepe voice 970-309-4025
Bonnie Shappell French horn, beginning brass 856-905-8308
Matt Thomas songwriting 970-319-2415




To learn more, please contact:
Heather Kendrick
Dean of Education and Community
970 205 5057

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO