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Hire A Musician

The Hire A Musician office is no longer accepting bookings for the 2022 summer season (June 25-August 20).  For future reference, please review the Hire A Musician Client FAQ for program details and pricing, then email with your event details to begin a booking request. We look forward to providing musicians for your event!


Musicians for Hire for Performance



Camille Backman 970-275-7742
Abigail Dreher 309-712-9243
Erin Gallagher 773-332-2808
Heather Kendrick 970-205-5057
Delaney Meyers 614-735-8542
Jalen Lee 502-471-9470
Chandler Martin 502-500-7357
Megan McDevitt 970-205-5052
Megan Rabe  



Abigail Dreher 309-712-9243
Erin Gallagher 773-332-2808
Jalen Lee 502-471-9470
Megan McDevitt 970-205-5052
Delaney Meyers 614-735-8542



Roberto Arundale 734-834-0884
Lorraine Curry 970-379-3803
Betsy Furth 970-274-0118
Sarah Graf 970-306-1235
Wendy Larson 970-340-4080


Double Bass

Jeanette Adams 906-280-2091
Lindsay Bobyak 612-991-3683
Lorraine Curry 970-379-3803
Ashton Taufer 970-379-5704



Rodrigo Arreguin 619-560-7345
Chris Bank 970-704-0252
Nick Lenio 570-772-4626
John Ramo 970-948-7062
Ashton Taufer 970-379-5704



David Dyer 970-274-4232
Kyle Jones 720-205-6151
Kevin Kaukl 970-343-2022
Tamela Kenning  



Chris Bank saxophone, bass, vocals, guitar 970-704-0252
Chris Harrison saxophone, bass, guitar, Devachan jazz quartet 970-379-9685
Wes Lanich piano, Hammond B3 organ, guitar  
Ashton Taufer small jazz combo, 4-piece acoustic band 970-379-5704


Miscellaneous Instruments and Genres

Alexandra Braeger 

clarinet 303-928-0793
Lorraine Curry The Colorado Currys (folk, swing, bluegrass) 970-379-3803 
Sarah Graf string ensembles (quartet, trio, duo) 970-306-1235
Chris Harrison saxophone, bassoon,
Electric Circus (rock band) 970-379-9685
Maureen Hinkle vocalist (soprano) 970-319-1033
Tamela Kenning vocalist (soprano and mezzo)      
Wendy Larson string ensembles (quartet, trio, duo) 970-340-4080
Nick Lenio solo acoustic guitar and hand drum,
trombone, banjo 570-772-4626
Erica Nottingham vocalist (soprano) 303-579-5851
Kathy Pelowski vocalist 970-948-8959
Benjamin Overbeek guitar, vocals, original music  
John Ramo guitar, Valle Musico Quartet 970-948-7062
Michael Schoepe vocalist 970-309-4025
Bonnie Shappell  horn 856-905-8308
Damian Smith guitar, vocals 970-309-9789
Ashton Taufer small jazz combo, 4-piece band 970-379-5704



Private Lesson Teachers for Hire

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

Jeanette Adams violin, viola, cello, double bass  906-280-2091
Roberto Arundale cello 734-834-0884
Camille Backman violin 970-275-7742
Lindsay Bobyak violin, viola, cello, double bass 612-991-3683
Lorraine Curry violin, cello, bass 970-379-3803
Abigail Dreher violin, viola 309-712-9243
Betsy Furth cello 970-274-0118
Erin Gallagher viola, violin 773-332-2808
Sarah Graf cello 970-306-1235
Heather Kendrick violin 970-205-5057
Jalen Lee violin, viola 502-471-9470
Chandler Martin violin 502-500-7357
Megan McDevitt violin, viola 970-205-5052
Delaney Meyers violin, viola 614-735-8542


Guitar and Bass Guitar

Jeanette Adams bass guitar 906-280-2091
Rodrigo Arreguin  guitar 619-560-7345
Chris Bank         guitar, bass guitar 970-704-0252
Lindsay Bobyak bass guitar 612-991-3683
Wes Lanich guitar  
Nick Lenio guitar, electric bass 570-772-4626
John Ramo classical guitar (all ages)  970-948-7062
Ashton Taufer     bass guitar, guitar 970-379-5704
Matt Thomas guitar, songwriting 970-319-2415


Piano and Organ

Erin Gallagher piano 773-332-2808
Amanda Gessler  piano  
Kyle Jones piano 720-205-6151
Kevin Kaukl  piano, organ 970-343-2022
Tamela Kenning piano  
Adley Kent piano, accordion 636-887-6785
Wes Lanich piano, Hammond B3 organ  
Kathy Pelowski  piano (beginning to intermediate) 970-948-8959
Stacey Weiss  piano ("Aspen Piano Academy"),
specializing in children 970-309-9836


Voice and Other Instruments

Jeanette Adams mandolin, ukulele 906-280-2091
Stephanie Askew ukulele 214-405-8040
Chris Bank saxophone, vocals 970-704-0252
Alexandra Braeger clarinet 303-928-0793
Tim Caskin saxophone (classical and jazz) 631-786-9771
Chris Harrison saxophone, clarinet, flute, bassoon  970-379-9685
Maureen Hinkle voice (ages 12+) 970-319-1033
Kyle Jones ukulele 720-205-6151
Kevin Kaukl music theory 970-343-2022
Tamela Kenning voice  
Wes Lanich Dobro, blues, jazz, rock, gospel,
funk, bluegrass  
Nick Lenio trombone 570-772-4626
Kathy Pelowski voice 970-948-8959
Michael Schoepe voice 970-309-4025
Bonnie Shappell French horn, beginning brass 856-905-8308
Matt Thomas songwriting 970-319-2415




To learn more, please contact:
Heather Kendrick
Manager of Education and Community Programming
970 205 5057

Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO