All Scholarships and Fellowships


  • Stephen Abramson Scholarship 
  • Freda Cohen Acker Scholarship
  • The Adele Addison Prize for Collaborative Piano 
  • America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship
  • AMFS Chamber Music Scholarship 
  • Julia V. Amos Memorial Scholarship for Brass, given by Dr. John E. Amos
  • The Deanna J. Anderson Life & Legacy Percussion Fellowship 
  • Terry and Les Anderson Scholarship 
  • Asian Cultural Council Scholarship 
  • Aspen Business Center Foundation
  • Aspen Conducting Academy Fellowship



  • David Baer Award for AICF
  • Courtlandt D. Barnes Jr. Piano Scholarship, Robert B. Eichholz Bequest 
  • Merle M. Barr Piano Scholarship
  • Mary Allen Bates Memorial Scholarship  
  • Benedict Opera Scholarship 
  • James Conlon Prize, given by Mrs. Mercedes T. Bass 
  • Aspen Opera Center Fellowship, in honor of Renée Fleming, given by Mrs. Mercedes T. Bass 
  • Aspen Opera Center Fellowship in honor of Asadour Santourian, given by Mrs. Mercedes T. Bass 
  • Robert Spano Conducting Prize, given by Mrs. Mercedes T. Bass 
  • Mercedes T. Bass Opera Fellows 
  • Mary Allen Bates Memorial Scholarship 
  • Edward Berkeley Fellowship for Opera Funded by Linda and Alan Englander 
  • Edward Berkeley Memorial Opera Scholarship
  • Luciano and Giancarla Berti Scholarship 
  • Rose Frishman Blatt Memorial Scholarship for a Female Pianist 
  • Bowers Noyce Oboe Fellowship 
  • Drs. Alice and Martin Brandfonbrener Student Scholarship Fund 
  • Per Brevig Trombone Scholarship 
  • Yefim Bronfman Scholarship, in memory of Janet Rae Naster 
  • Matthew and Kay Bucksbaum Scholarship 
  • New Horizons Fellowship, Kay and Matthew Bucksbaum 
  • Bucksbaum Family Scholarship 
  • The Bulkley-Flint Scholarship in memory of Katherine MacKenty Bryan



  • Marion and Leslie Chabay Scholarship 
  • Merle Chambers Fellowships Fund for Minority Students 
  • Fanny and Henry Claessens Scholarship 
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Clarke Scholarship 
  • Clow-Odén Scholarship in memory of J. Beach Clow and Olga Odén 
  • Congdon Family Fellowship 
  • Miné Sawahara Crane Memorial Scholarship 
  • Joan Cundill Memorial Scholarship



  • Martha Daube Memorial Piano Scholarship 
  • Terese David Scholarship 
  • The Donald F. and Maxine B. Davison Foundation 
  • Jan DeGaetani Memorial Scholarship 
  • Helen Warren DeGolyer Memorial Scholarship 
  • Dorothy DeLay Fellowship 
  • Edward H. Deming Piano Scholarship 
  • James DePreist Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
  • The Derfner Foundation Fellowship


  • Edelstein Foundation Scholarship 
  • Robert Edgerton Memorial Cello Scholarship 
  • Eleanore Mullen Weckbaugh Foundation Scholarship



  • Richard and Deborah Felder Foundation Extraordinary Talent Fellowship for Voice 
  • Martha Fischer Memorial Scholarship 
  • Alan Fletcher Endowed Scholarship 
  • Flug Anniversary Scholarship 
  • Martin Flug Scholarship 
  • Rosemary and Richard Furman Opera Apprentice 



  • Nancy Goeres Bassoon Fellowship 
  • Harriett and Richard Gold Scholarship 
  • Edward A. Goldstein Scholarship 
  • Marcelle Goltzer Memorial Scholarship 
  • Alex Greene and Ben Darneille Memorial Scholarship 
  • H. Paul Gudelsky Memorial Scholarship for Guitar
  • Krishna and Arjun Gupta Scholarship
  • Lynette Nelson Gutner Piano Scholarship
  • The Lynette Nelson Gutner and Kenneth Howard Gutner Memorial Piano Scholarship 


  • Lillian and Gordon Hardy Scholarship 
  • Irving Harris Memorial Scholarship 
  • Joan W. Harris Scholarship for Minority Students 
  • Mr. and Mrs. Arch L. Harris Scholarship given by Robert A. Harris 
  • Mme. Rosina Lhevinne Scholarship given by Robert A. Harris 
  • Robert J. Harth Conductor Prize 
  • William Randolph Hearst Scholarship for Minority Musicians 
  • Ellen and Irv Hockaday Scholarship for Piano or Cello 
  • Robert J. Hurst Scholarship 



  • Sharon Isbin Guitar Scholarship 



  • Jaquish & Kenninger Scholarship 
  • Beverley Peck Johnson Voice Scholarship 



  • Ruth S. Kahn Scholarship in memory of her husband, son, and son-in-law 
  • Seth Kahn Scholarship for Brass 
  • David A. Karetsky Memorial Fellowship for a Young Conductor 
  • Katcher Family Scholarship – New World Symphony 
  • Jane W. Kitselman Fellowship 
  • Sidney Knapp Memorial Scholarship 
  • Donna and Edwin Kornfeld Piano Scholarship 
  • Barbara Koval Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Doris B. Kovner Chamber Music Scholarship 



  • Therese S. and Harry J. Lackritz Scholarship 
  • The Maria and Harry Hill Lawson Jr. Scholarship 
  • Fred O. Lane Memorial Lemonade Stand Scholarship 
  • Harry and Effie Lerner Trust Scholarship 
  • Raphael Levy Memorial Foundation Scholarship 
  • Lin Yao Ji Scholarship for Summer Studies in Music 
  • LLWW Foundation Scholarship
  • Lowe Foundation Scholarship
  • The Phyllis and Saul Lowitt Aspen Opera Center Fellowship 
  • Ruth S. Luby Scholarship 
  • Munro L. Lyeth Scholarship for a Pianist 



  • Helen Mack Memorial Piano Scholarship 
  • Maestro’s Circle Scholarship 
  • Carole and Daniel Malkin Memorial Scholarship 
  • Ernst and Wilma Martens Scholarship 
  • Susan and Larry Marx Scholarship 
  • Elaine and James McDade Charitable Trust Fellowship 
  • Joyce McGilvray Endowed Scholarship 
  • Charles E. Merrill Trust Scholarship 
  • Aspen Conducting Academy Fellowship in honor of Jorge Mester 
  • Sue and Leonard Miller Scholarship for an African American 
  • Friends of the Minnesota Orchestra Scholarship 
  • Caroline and John Moore Scholarship 
  • AOTVA Fellowship supported by Lydia Morrongiello
  • Music Center of LA County Spotlight Scholarship 
  • Musical Merit Foundation of San Diego Scholarship 
  • Mu Phi Epsilon Scholarship 
  • The Munroe Yale Artist Scholarship Fund 
  • Becky and Michael Murray Scholarship 
  • Elizabeth W. Musser Memorial Scholarship 
  • Marcie and Robert Musser Endowed Scholarship 



  • Denver Young Artists Orchestra Scholarship in memory of Janet Rae Naster 
  • National Federation of Music Clubs Scholarship 
  • Bert Neirick Scholarship 
  • Neuman Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Lionel Newman Conducting Fellowship 



  • Charles Owen Memorial Scholarship 



  • Elizabeth Paepcke Memorial Piano Scholarship 
  • Rose Palmai-Tenser Scholarship 
  • Papper Family Scholarship 
  • Fonda and Charles Paterson Scholarship 
  • Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation Fellowship 
  • Michael and Ellen Pokress Memorial Scholarship for Strings 
  • Polonsky Foundation Fellowship 
  • Anne and Arnold Porath Scholarship 
  • Jean Wood Preston Scholarship
  • Louis & Harold Price Foundation Fellowship


  • Allen & Kelli Questrom Foundation Scholarship 



  • Anne and Chris Reyes Scholarship 
  • K. Lois Risley Flute Scholarship 
  • John Rojak Bass Trombone Scholarship 
  • Ruth Coates Roush Scholarship 



  • Stuart Sankey Scholarship 
  • Susie and Barry Schub Endowed Scholarship Fund 
  • Susan and Ford Schumann Scholarship 
  • Jules Selcer Scholarship 
  • Jacob Shaham Memorial Scholarship for Violin or Piano 
  • Galen Shea Memorial Scholarship 
  • Sigma Alpha Iota Voice Scholarship 
  • Simms Family Foundation Scholarship 
  • Simms/Mann Family Foundation Fellowship 
  • The Brooks Smith Memorial Prize for Collaborative Piano 
  • Victoria Lea Smith Diversity Scholarship
  • Dorothy K. Sommer Memorial Scholarship 
  • Spiegel Family Scholarship 
  • Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation Scholarship
  • Pearl Zeid Steinberg Memorial Scholarship for Piano 
  • Cita and Irwin Stelzer Fellowship, in memory of Marina Stelzer 
  • The John N. Stern Scholarship for students of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music 
  • Nancy and Herbert Stessin Memorial Piano Scholarship 
  • Aspen Conducting Academy Fellowship in memory of Jack Strandberg 
  • Andrea and Lubert Stryer Flute Scholarship 



  • Talent and Inclusion Scholarship Fund
  • Talented Students in the Arts Initiative, a collaboration of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Surdna Foundation Scholarship 
  • Goodrich and Norris Taylor Scholarship 
  • Aspen Conducting Academy Fellowship in memory of Albert Tipton 
  • Becky Topelson Piano Scholarship 
  • Sylvia Eisenberg Tucker Memorial Scholarship 
  • Aube Tzerko Memorial Piano Scholarship 
  • Roberta and Terry Turkat Endowed Spotlight Award Scholarship 



  • United Jewish Appeal Aspen Valley Powered by JEWISHcolorado Scholarships 



  • Nadine Asin and Thomas van Straaten Flute Scholarship 
  • Linda and Dennis Vaughn Scholarship 
  • David and Ann Verdrager Memorial Scholarship 



  • Wall Family Foundation Fellowship
  • Eleanore Mullen Weckbaugh Foundation Scholarship 
  • Phil West Memorial Scholarship 
  • Helen F. Whitaker Fellowship 
  • Vincent Wilkinson Foundation Scholarship 
  • Wonderful Scholarship 



  • Avedis Zildjian Company Percussion Scholarship 


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If you are interested in creating a scholarship or fellowship at the AMFS, please contact Mi Ryung Song, AMFS Vice President for Advancement, at 970 205 5060 or msong@aspenmusic.org