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Important Information
  • Program offered Half Session I only
  • Fellowships and limited scholarships available. Click here to learn more about our Fellowships and Financial Assistance. 
  • VIDEO audition recordings required
  • Group resume required; 2 letters of recommendation are encouraged but not required
Fees & Deadlines
Deadline: January 5, 2023
Application open September 15, 2022

Application Fee

$30 September 15–October 15, 2022
$60 October 16–December 15, 2022
$110 December 16, 2022–January 5, 2023

On hiatus Summer 2023

Kevin Cobb, trumpet 
Eric Reed, horn 
John D. Rojak, bass trombone 

The American Brass Quintet Seminar @Aspen (ABQS @A) is the country’s premier brass chamber music training program for emerging, preformed brass quintets.

Enjoy four weeks of daily, intensive study devoted exclusively to brass quintet repertoire, rehearsal techniques, and performance, led by members of the American Brass Quintet, faculty of the AMFS since 1970 and The Juilliard School since 1987. Participants will also receive weekly private instruction with the members of the ABQ.

In addition to daily coaching and rehearsals, ensembles will participate in a number of events such as open rehearsals of the American Brass Quintet, public performances, performance classes, and workshops (e.g., composer readings and community engagement activities).

At least one preformed 2023 brass quintet will be invited on fellowship, which includes tuition, room, and board in School housing, or the option to receive a housing stipend to be used toward off-campus living expenses. Fellowships are awarded to ensembles in pursuit of a career in brass chamber music. An additional four quintets may be accepted, with little to no financial assistance.  

Please see our Fellowships and Financial Aid page to learn more. 

The program is rigorous and, thus, members of the American Brass Quintet Seminar @Aspen Program are expected to stay focused on their core curriculum and not engage in extracurricular activities, such as concerto competitions.




  • Group resume required
  • Group and individual biographies required
  • Two letters of recommendation are encouraged but not required.
  • One member of the ensemble should apply under their name on behalf of the group.


All groups must submit the following repertoire in INDIVIDUAL VIDEO TRACKS. Do not include your name in the video title or description.

  • Record a brief video introducing the group and discussing your goals for the program 
  • EWALD: Moderato (1st Mvt.) from Brass Quintet No. 1 in B-flat minor
  • At least two other contrasting pieces, including one from the Renaissance (16–17th C.) and one from 1950–present.


Robert Spano, Music Director

Alan Fletcher, President and CEO